Here are the models for free download. The Models are tested in TRS2006 and TS 2009.

Payware CD 471  

EMU CD 471 "City Elefant"

    Stavedlo Zbiroh   Interlocking Zbiroh
    CD Btx, CD Bix, CSD Bix, CSD Balm   Towed cars CD Btx, CD Bix, CSD Bix, CSD Balm  
    CSD 434.2   Steam locomotives class CSD 434.2
    CSD 475.1   Steam locomotives class CSD 475.1
    CD 842   Diesel Car class CD 842
    CD Gags, CSD Za   Freight Cars CD Gags, CSD Gags, CSD Za
    CD Hadgs, CSD Zav   Freight Cars CD hadgs, CSD Zav
    CD Res, CSD Res   Freight Cars CD Res, CSD Res
    CD Uacs   Freight Cars CD Uacs
Mechanicka navestidla   Mechanical Signals CSD und CD
CD 810, CSD M152.0   Diesel Car class CD 810+Btax, CSD M152.0+Blm
  CD 460, CD 560   EMU`s CD 460, CD 560, CSD EM488.0, CSD SM488.0
  Autobusy   Buses Karosa-Citybus/Citelis
  Produkty   Products
  CD 140, CSD E499.0   Electric locomotives class CD 140, CSD E 499.0
  CD 151, ZSR 350   Electric locomotives class CD 151, CD 350
  CD 163, Cd 263, CD 363   Electric locomotives class CD 163,CD 263,CD 363,CD 371,DB 180
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